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The Quarab Horse

Sun Dancer

The Quarab Horse is a recently established breed that was created by lovers of the American Quarter Horse - Arabian cross. These enthousiasts discovered  that by cross breeding the Quarter Horse with the Arabian you can create the perfect combination, by combining the stock type build and  coolness of the Quarter with the endurance abillities and intelligence of the Arab .  Here you see a picture of the beautiful Quarab stallion 'Sun Dancer'.

The United Quarab Registry was the first registry to be developed in 1989 to promote the Quarter Horse-Arabian crossbred horse. The Painted Quarab Index was added in 1991 to include the colorful tobiano and overo patterns of the American Paint Horse. Now the International Quarab Horse Association was developed at a later date, but seems to be a larger registry with its own website and quarterly magazine.

Only horses with Quarter Horse, Arabian, and Paint blood are accepted and both parents of eligible horses must be registered with the respective registry for that breed.

The Quarab's body type may resemble more the stock-horse type with muscular forearm and gaskin and well-rounded hip, or the Arabian type with long, well-arched neck, long barrel, and level croup. The head usually shows refinement, large eyes, wide forehead, and slight to extreme dish in the face, depending on the ratio of Arabian to Quarter Horse blood. Height ranges from 14 to 16 hands.

Horses with cryptorchid and parrot mouth conditions are not allowed.

The Quarab is suited to many events: roping, reining, dressage, trail riding, driving, endurance, etc.


Registries and Breed Associations

International Quarab Horse Association
P.O. Box 263
Hopkins, MI 49328-0263

United Quarab Registry
31100 NE Fernwood Road
Newberg, OR 97132


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