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Here's a small collection of my favourite links




This is my friend and trainer Claudia's site, who has taught me so much over the past 2 years and although at the moment this site is only in Dutch, I would still like to recommend it.  Hopefully she will translate it soon! Lots of information about western riding, tack and training issues.
A nice site with lots of horse friendly training tips. They specialise in training wild horses and mules.. Very interesting..
Another great site with loads of trainings articles!! All in a horse friendly and natural manner. Definitely worth a visit, although a huge chunk to get through!
My first and foremost man of inspiration!  He has written 3 great books and has only recently made a video called "finding the try". Very inspirational!
Bill's book; "True Horsemanship Through Feel" (co-authored by Leslie Desmond) is the best book I've ever read on finding the feel with horses and training issues. A topper!!
a complete online magazine about natural horse care in a holistic manner. About homeopathic methods, herbs, other alternative healing methods and also training issues discussed by Pat Parelli and John Lyons etc. Includes a huge archive!!
this site promotes and supports the natural hoof. It includes articles on the care of the barefooted horse and the advantages.
the British online resource for the horse enthusiast, with a particular slant on Western Riding in the UK.
although still under construction, this is the British Natural Horsemanship site, with clinic schedules and other NH tips.


For more links you can check out the haynet.net, a great source for equestrian links!

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And last but certainly not least I'd like to recommend having a look at the Brooke Hospital website. This organisation does great work in third world countries, helping countless poor hardworking donkeys and horses....

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