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Dreams Come True

This is my Quarab filly Dreams Come True. She was born on the 18th of February 1999. Her dam is a bay Arabian called Dahkilah with a strong personality,  who was very attached to her owner. You hear that often of Arabs, that they are very much a one man-horse. Apparantly she would even wait for the arrival of her owner before giving birth! Dreams on the other hand is more of big child who loves everyone and everything! She has inherited her mothers typical arab head and face features, with a tiny star and a long thin strip.

She's not very big at just over 14.3 at 5 years of age. I've noticed a lot of differences in growth in Quarabs. Some follow their 'Quarter' side, by being pretty large at a young age and some seem to follow their 'Arab'  part, by growing up slower and longer. I even heard of Quarabs that were skinny little things until the age of 5, when they suddenly grow into their quarter skin and become quite large.

Her sire is the Paint Stallion War Bar Leo, a kind gentle stallion of whom she has inherited her beautiful coat and muscles! I don't know much about him, except that he is supposed to be very cool and easy to handle. He has even been used in the riding lessons!

Dreams has many characteristics from both her parents, the gentleness and coolness from her father, with a sometimes distant look in her eyes. But she can be very emotional at times and wants to please so much, just like her mother. This is where her great social skills derive from. She's always the first to leave the group to introduce herself to new horses or people... :) 

Dahkilah Dreams

Dam; Dahkilah (Arabian)

War Bar LeoDreams 

Sire; War Bar Leo (APHA)

Now that she has turned five, the time has come to start doing some serious excersise!! For the past 3 years we've just been playing around and making long walks in the natural park and along the road.. But we can't remain lazy forever!! So we've just started some mounted work (see training section) to build up those muscles and to teach her how to balance herself with my weight. For now, we're just doing a lot of trail rides and working on gaits. 

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